02 December 2008

New to Speedball? Some basic tips and concepts

New to Speedball?  Here's some basic tips and concepts
p.s. I took the liberties of using the recent BTO pictures as examples.  If anyone wishes their photos removed, please drop me a comment.

edit: expanded on "Attack" and "Support"
edit2: though crude, the map is drawn by yours truly, please do not use it without permission

Keep your exposed areas to a minimum

Move to a new cover if it offers a new angle of attack

2. Information
Know where your opponents are - to adjust your cover accordingly

Relay enemy positions to your frontman/backman

Let your frontman knows if someone is sneaking up on him

3. Attack
Pop out from different sides of your bunker.  Take a snap from the top, left, right, top-left, top-right, etc.  Then hide back in.

Avoid coming out from the top as it exposes a lot of your body but can do it as a surprise move

Cross shoot - which is to shoot diagonally across the field to threaten your opponent's sense of security and catch him unaware

Make bunkering moves from the blind side of the opponent - but for sportsmanship, please shoot him where it does not hurt (eg: shoes, harness)

4. Support
Keep your opponents bunkered down, even when there's nothing to shoot at

Guard your frontman's back

One of the backman's job is to guard the frontman.  If he get's shot out, it means that the backman is not firing enough!

5. Have fun
Remember that all these started from having FUN!  Do not lose sight of that =)


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