06 January 2008

Ulterior motives

I asked LaLa why she's sad recently. She replied she's upset because people treat her well only because they want something out of it. I'm not sure how to console her for I believe that is the truth of things.

In StarTrek TNG, there was an episode that left a deep impression in me. Data the android, aspires to be human. When a colonist that he befriended expressed interests in joining StarFleet, he went out to help her. She noted that in her colony, everyone does things for a purpose. It was good to have a friend that does not do things for ulterior motives. Data replied with a straight face (as android does), that he does have an ulterior motive - her continued presence on-board the starship; Which prompted Natasha Yar to hide her face.

None of us can be as innocent as an android that's devoid of emotions, yet he does have a good point. We all have motives in doing things. Even for seemingly selfless acts, the giver receives a feeling of happiness in return.

And because I like my junior, I'm going to cheer her up. The coinage is our friendship - or rather, for her to like me (as a friend - I'm in a tricky situation here). The line is rather thin.

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