25 November 2007

Why winning is more important than having fun? -2/2

[Facebook Scrabble]
Having unused words (locally) turn up and cross each other
-Lox created by the placing of Liter
-Pah joined to a crossing of Liter and Vat
-Gox created by placing of Gane
-Moil joined to Rail
-Sone joined to a pairing of Yen, Ten and Gane

Lox - a kind of brine-cured salmon, having either a salt cure (Scandinavian lox) or a sugar cure (Nova Scotia lox), often eaten with cream cheese on a bagel.
Pah - used as an exclamation of disgust or disbelief
Liter - A metric unit of volume equal to approximately 1.056 liquid quarts, 0.908 dry quart, or 0.264 gallon
Gane - acronym.
1. General Agreement on a New Economy.
2. Global Positioning System (GPS) Attitude & Navigation Experiment

Gox - gaseous oxygen
Moil -
1. to work hard; drudge.
2. to whirl or churn ceaselessly; twist; eddy.

Sone - a unit for measuring the loudness of sound, equal to the loudness of a sound that, in the judgement of a group of listeners, is equal to that of a 1000-cycle-per-second reference sound having an intensity of 40 decibels.

Come'on lor!

I told him to stop "cheating" and play "normally". If he takes offense, this game would probably end.

Pam - (placed by me; fed up)
1. the jack of clubs, esp. in a form of loo in which it is the best trump.
2. a game in which this card is trump.

[How this is done]
By placing every possible high-scoring combination and click on "Play Word". The game will disallow illegal placements and incorrect words.


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