03 November 2007

Short update for Oct

The events I've planned have come to pass, with less turnout than I wanted.

--Fish n Co
Another meet up with Belinda. This time with Calvin and Germaine. When you put a bunch of ex-colleagues together, what do they talk about? SAP! Makes you almost wanna forgive guys talking about Army, haha.

--Black Society
Service was good. Sadly, I have a drop a notch in their food. Not say the food wasn't good. It was just.. boring. This is a sort of welcome back dinner for Duane.

Nothing to do in mid-week and the excitement peaking as the end of the month approaches.
Doris wanted to "hammer me" to treat her team a round of coffee from TCC. I know she was joking but I agreed with the condition that they make no errors till month-end closing. So month-end closing came and there were little errors so I sent them a mail saying that I'm buying, which got them pretty excited.
Then of course, the problems have to hit me hard immediately after. Bish... Nevermind la, it's just a tiny mistake which grew big because too many people tried to fix it. It's still a small mistake. After my users' excitement at the coffee, they then said it's too expensive, said I don't have to buy...
Haha, Gals... I'll be just getting the coffees I think is interesting for them on Monday.

Between Myth 2 and Facebook, I don't have much time!

Still good =]

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