05 August 2007

WCG 2007: Asia Tournament

[startrek.sg 1]
World Cyber Games is being held at Suntec City this weekend. MovieMania organised a Costume Convention and competition to be one of the events. I was roped in by the local unofficial StarTrek fan club to help fill up numbers.

While in the midst of waiting, I managed to catch a match between Singapore's and Malaysia's Counter-Strike teams. A nation to nation rivalry that unites people; that divides people. They had to play a best-of-31 matches. The first time the Malaysian team won, the audience clapped at their brilliance. Later, it became a situation where the left side clapped for Singapore while the right side clapped for Malaysia. Taking note of 2 of the sponsors, I can't help being amused that I am working for them even while off-duty.

Below are the links for some of my choice photos. To see more, explore Nova's other photos.

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