24 July 2007

Scoring an easy win

Despite all the talk about sportsmanship, people love easy victories.

When Singapore was gripped by the fervour of the Tiger Cup from 1997-1998, fans would often look forward to the match between their national players and the Brunei national squad. With a great disparity in skill levels, fans expect a score of nothing less than 10-0. If they do, then the coach would have angry fans to answer to.

In war histories, the most remembered battles are those when one side inflicted an extremely heavy toll due to the utter inability of the other side to defend themselves. Yet we praise them and study their tactics.

Twice, we were invited by boys in LAN shop to play a match of DotA. When we replied that we are still learning the ropes, they would claim that they too, are just newbies. The first group laughed themselves silly whenever we got killed. The second group had the cheek to suggest a match between 5 of them against 3 of us. When we insisted on a fair number, they sent their weakest member over. Whether he was dying on purpose during the game was something I wondered.

--this post is brought about by Kelly's complaint: one of the disgusting guys finally dragged him into his first game of DotA but refused to team up with him...

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