22 July 2007

Little kids squabbling

For several days, I have been taking the behaviour of two of
BarbaryCoast's friends quite personally. At first, when they started attacking Barb's style of play, I enjoyed it. However, I soon find them lacking in sportsmanship and they are free with barbs, taunts and insults. I got mad on his behalf and while though Barb doesn't give a damn, he welcomed my partnership versus them.
They call us
noobs. I intend to use our streak of wins against them to stuff their mouths.

Current situation:
-We're playing a 5v5 match. Barb and I are the good guys. Coldsg is on the evil side. His buddy is absent.

-Zeus has fallen

59:xx [coldsg] (Troll): zeus u noob

59:55 [SeNDohAkirA7] (Zeus): i never say i pro

60:00 [Joran] (Destroyer): stop calling names

60:06 [coldsg] (Troll): kp lah
60:13 [coldsg] (Troll): not happy.. fuck off

60:17 [Strife88] (Magina): ..

60:19 [SeNDohAkirA7] (Zeus): you the one who started the kb
60:22 [SeNDohAkirA7] (Zeus): look who talking

60:24 [Joran] (Destroyer): everyone can see your game ethics

60:28 [Strife88] (Magina): chill..

60:32 [coldsg] (Troll): i say

60:39 [SeNDohAkirA7] (Zeus): anti u the best
He means Strife88

60:39 [coldsg] (Troll): not happy fuck off

60:42 [Strife88] (Magina): -.-

Barb chose to sit out of this little fight. His defense against them is to stay mum. I'm the one getting outraged...

We won :)
Too bad we have to kill Strife88 (Magina the anti mage) along with the ugly troll.

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