16 March 2007

First contact dinner with Trekkie from Phoenix Arizona

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I arrived an hour later than the rest and found most of them there. I was introduced to David and Ailing from the States. Seated with them was James, Fahmi and Sam. Seated with me was Kiangsheng and Samantha. We were later joined by Veera.
David is an active fan who has participated in 30 conventions. He was visiting Singapore so he wrote to James on meeting up with the local fan group. Ailing is his local guide.
The venue was Masala Art restaurant. The food there catered to both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. It was nice and the service was good.
After David and Ailing left, we discussed the charity fair on the 31st March, which I had earlier volunteered myself as a helper. James tried to recruit Samatha and Veera as well. He managed to secure her promise to reappear as a Vulcan.

"So now we have a Vulcan. What can Joran be?"

"How about an Andorian?"
"Oh, the one with the blue skin and antenna? Might be quite hard to make"

"How about a Borg? Is that ok?"

"Alright! We got a Borg! Now let's see how many of those CPAs (Certified Public Accounts) we can get to buy our stuffs"
"CPAs?..., Veera asked timidly.
"Oh no! I'll be recognised!"
"Haha, I'm the vice president and I dare to appear, what do you have to worry?"
"Don't worry", I said, "Nobody will recognise you"

Oh no, what did I buy myself into?...

Write up by Dr EMH

Link back to the actual event day: Charity fair

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