23 September 2006

Departures and divisions

Yesterday was Debugger and NDrew's last day. Debugger is a nice, helpful guy who just like to disturb me. NDrew is nice too but he won't stop stealing my snacks. Once again, we lost 2 experienced colleagues that will be hard to replace.

I showed my little ships to my colleagues. The range of reactions was interesting.
"You're just like my son" -my shi mei who doesn't have kids and is one year older than me
"You're just like my brother. He's two years older than me and he's younger than you!"
"That's very interesting"
"So cute!"
"My son(me) wants to give this to me" -she's kind of my mentor
"You play this?"

I went off after work and met the others for Chloe's sending off dinner. When I arrived, they were finishing their soup. The place is run by a Hainanese group who cooks with a Russian influence. As usual, we traded news and gossips. I learnt that Biscuit is getting more unpleasant which suited me fine. For desserts, we picked off 3 on whim and they turned out to be their flaming specialty The ice cream cake was set on fire with burning brandy and the taste of it was strong and fragrant. The second was stir-fried cherries in orange liquor served with vanilla. The last was crepes in orange juice and brandy(I think so..). Who wants to go?

I shared a cab ride with Ding Dang and had a long chat with him. He had long been a pacifist and a peacemaker and it was until recently that I realised how in odds our thinking were. Can we really adopt a give and take attitude? What about guys like Biscuit, who take and take?

Finally, I brought out my fishing fleet against Gaga's fully assembled armada. The 30-points game was over quickly but it gave hint to what was to come. I chose speed while Gaga went for power. I went for assets while he worshipped talent. With our respective mistakes in mind, we tweaked the game parameters and had a 40-points game. I used my speed to good effect and so did Gaga with his firepower. When I got 2 ships in close proximity, I rammed his chase ship left and right and that gave my treasure ship a breathing chance. His tiny ship-destroyer La Furia, later crawled in and things got pretty hot. In another sector of the sea, my Fire Dijiin was unmolested throughout the game. She built a fort and carted off some treasure. While the rest of the world was fighting or sinking beneath the waters, she sailed into the home island unchallenged and pushed the gold tally to a win.


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