18 September 2006

The day when we had no cash in our pockets

As arranged, I went to Gaga's house for swim and games. I took a cab and Voila! Where's my wallet? Happily dozing at home, no doubt. This paved the way for an interesting day.
I called Gaga down to pay for my cab fair. After which, we have $9-10. "What? You don't have any cash at home?", I was incredulous. "My clients lor", he replied sourly.

We had lunch at a coffeshop and depleted most of his cash. As we had planned to watch a movie, I did a funds transfer so that we could pay for the tickets. Once done, we allocated an hour to play the Constructible Strategy Game I brought with me. After the game, we were so pleased with it that we checked out the official website. We were so engrossed that we ran into time trouble and had to take a cab. We would pay via Visa and for the tickets as well. Wait a minute, how much cash did you have before I transferred the money? Nothing? Oh great.
After the movie, we used his last $10 in his bank account to top up his EZ-link card. We then used it to purchase our dinner at McDonalds.
As I do not have my EZ-link card with me, we walked up to Leisure Craft and back to Raffles City on foot. There we found that they sell 3 series of the Pirates card that will become our new vice. We promised ourselves to be back after payday and journeyed home. Him on his EZ-link card. Me on $1.80 in coins.


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