29 May 2006

Last minute

Stupid Kelly. Disappeared for 5 whole years and the first thing he asked was to help his cousin do Java.
"When he wants it?"
"She needs to hand it in tomorrow"
"Tomorrow??!!! I want a finger of yours as payment", I replied grumpily.
I downloaded the code given by the lecturer inside and guess what? It's empty!
"I want two fingers!!"
"Ha ha, I need my fingers to play games"
So he's going to buy me dinner on Saturday. I'm not going let him pay of course but I have my right to grumble and demand fingers :p

Gaga called me out for a game of Pirates. We chose a chess table and set up our game. To counter his fondness for La Furie and large ships, I chose HMS Alexander for her speed and La Resolucion for her power. I filled out HMS Alexander with a captain, a musketeer and an oarsman. For La Resolucion, I gave her a captain. Gaga chose 2 large ships and a small one. Seeing that he has several crewmen, I knew that he must have picked his special crew that allows him to have 4 more point values.
The "local seas" was in the shape of macaroni. Our home bases were at the far ends. 3 wild islands were scattered in between. The island furthest away from us held the most gold. Due to the tight constraints of space, forts were not allowed to be played.
The horn goes off. HMS Alexander sped for the nearest island while La Resolucion sailed gracefully towards the richest one. My plan was a gold grab. It was fortunate that Admiral Gaga picked slow ships. I ended my turn.
To no surprise, Gaga revealed a crew that gave him 4pts. He then revealed a helmsman that gave his flagship greater speed. This won't be a cake walk after all.
HMS Alexander made landfall first but so did Admiral Gaga. He stole the gold under my nose with an explorer, which allowed him to cart off all the treasure. I signalled HMS Alexander to set course for the island furthest away while my flagship went for the island with the largest yield.
Contact! My English captain sailed up to a small enemy ship and revealed the musketeer and himself. Cannons were fired and the opponent was left derelict. While distracted, she was rammed on the port side by an enemy battleship. She was boarded but the attackers were repelled quickly. In the fight, her oarsman was lost. HMS Alexander then fled for land and docked. Meanwhile, my flagship also made landfall.
Pursuit was hot on both my ships. As La Resolucion delivered her booty safely onto the home island, the remaining two enemy battleships bored into HMS Alexander's position. She hopped into safety at the next island but alas, her captain was lost. The two battleships tried to blockade the island but she broke out while Admiral Gaga was on the wrong side of the island. She fled for the home island and was safely escorted into port by myself.
Admiral Gaga called for a return to port and the tattered remains of the combined English and Spanish fleet gave chase. HMS Alexander went ahead in a daring attempt to sneak a broadside attack. Without her captain, her crew were too slow and she was sunk by the enemy flagship. La Resolucion caught up and gave a valiant battle but in the end, the two ships turned on her and all hands were lost.
The gold was tallied and victory went to Spain and England.

La Resolucion (SS-009, Spanish, Spanish Main, 12pts, Uncommon)
HMS Alexander (040, English, Crimson Coast, 8pts, Common)


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