29 May 2006

DotA, the newest addiction

It's all Bryan's fault...

If not for him, we wouldn't be watching X-men 3 on Friday. We wouldn't have walked into a LAN shop and like a pair of mountain tortoises, asked if they had DotA.

Make no mistake, Bryan was nowhere near us, but it was his fault...

Before we knew it, we lost two and a half hours of our lives, in a deceptively simple looking game.

DotA is a Warcraft 3 map that allows you to control ONE single hero. You join any one of the two factions - Night Elves or The Scourge. Both camps automatically spawn minions that rush along the 3 red lines on the map you see, towards their mutual annihilation. Since both sides produce at the same rate, the fight is an endless tug of war unless YOU - the player, makes a difference.

The Forces of Light have 38 heroes while the Forces of Darkness have 39 heroes to choose from, each having a unique set of 4 powers. Combined with a selection of 6 out of 128 items, it makes for a mind boggling set of possibilities.

DotA-Allstars, the official site
DotA Database, source of the map. I can't read the language though...


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